85 Queen: Behind the Scenes: Costuming at Stratford

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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Featuring Michelle Barnier, Head of Wardrobe and Christine Schindler, Archives Coordinator, Stratford Festival

Get a peek behind the curtain at how the wardrobe department operates, its collaboration and coordination during each season with the Festival’s Archives, and the ways in which costuming has changed over the years at the Stratford Festival. 

This lively and informative discussion will be augmented with photographs and costume sketches. 

Michelle Barnier
is the Head of Wardrobe at the Stratford Festival. Her role involves facilitating each show’s costume designs to come to life by working with the designers to budget the costume designs and then hiring the very talented wardrobe staff who make the designs come to life. Prior to her role as the Head of Wardrobe, Michelle was also the Wardrobe Buyer and the Wardrobe Apprentice at the Stratford Festival which has given her a very well-rounded outlook on how to approach the building of shows. Before her work with the Stratford Festival, Michelle went to school for Fashion Arts where she studied cutting, sewing and design. She then briefly worked in the film and television industry before pursuing her true passion of live theatre.

Christine Schindler is the Archives Coordinator at the Stratford Festival.  Her work involves cataloguing both the Festival's design sketch collection and the Archives' special collections.  She also handles research requests from clients all over the world, and is a specialist in the administration of the Festival's photography collection.  Currently an MLIS candidate, she has a background in dance and museum studies.

Event Type(s): 85 Queen
Age Group(s): Adults