85Queen: Rat Park Film Screening and Discussion

6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

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Presented by Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council, The Working Centre and Kitchener Public Library in partnership with VICE Canada

Could the secret to solving the world’s drug crisis lie in a forgotten Canadian psychology experiment from the 1970’s involving rats and heroin? Following three stories on opposite ends of the world, Vice Studios’ Rat Park, a new Crave Original Documentary from director Shawney Cohen, examines the complex issue of drug laws and addiction, exploring why the problem may not be about the drugs themselves, but the environments we live in.

The film draws on the conclusions of Alexander’s experiment by exploring how we ended up in the worst overdose crisis in history, and how it’s perpetuated by ineffective drug policies around the world. Drawing on original footage from Portugal, USA, Philippines, and Canada, Cohen says “The radical difference between these places and their drug policies shows how the Rat Park experiment plays out in real life. You can’t deal with drug crises independently of people’s environments and their socioeconomic situations.”

Join us for this fascinating and provocative free film + forum alongside Director Shawney Cohen, co-producer and journalist Rachel Browne plus local guests.

Preview: https://video.vice.com/en_ca/video/rat-park/5d9b7731be407759700814f1

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Age Group(s): Adults