Artist-at-Work: Candy Art with Rena Wei

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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Candy Art is the traditional Chinese form of folk art using hot ,liquid sugar to create two dimensional figures.

The artist create designs by pouring hot syrup from a spoon instead of a paintbrush to form the different figures. After modelling is finished, stick it on a bamboo stick. 

This snack is popular among children.

The ancient skill dates from the Ming Dynasty(14 century). According to the examination, in the book of JIAN KUA BU JI,  people made sacrifices by pouring sugar syrup in the form of animals and people.

In the Qing Dynasty, candy art became more popular, with increasingly sophisticated production techniques and more extensive themes. Most of them were auspicious patterns popular with the general public, such as fish and monkey, zodiac.

Rena Wei immigrated to Canada from China in 2009. She loves China and Canada and wants to make her traditional culture part of Canada‚Äôs multiculturalism. Rena lives in Waterloo, Ontario with her husband and two children.

Event Type(s): Arts, Culture and Entertainment
Age Group(s): All Ages
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