University of Waterloo: Keeping the Human in Artificial Intelligence

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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Join Doug Peers, Dean of Arts, University of Waterloo, and a panel of professors with expertise in economics, philosophy, and human-computer interaction for a discussion about what we need to know and do to ensure artificial intelligence serves humanity for the good of everyone.


Joel Blit, Department of Economics

Automation and the future of work: Who will have jobs, who will benefit, and
who will lose?

The coming AI revolution will have serious impacts on our labour markets. Will there still be enough jobs?  What effect will it have on inequality? How can we prepare for this future?

Carla Fehr, Department of Philosophy

Can AI be more ethical than its creators? 
Despite the cool logic of machine learning, algorithms can produce unintentionally racist and sexist outcomes. Why? Because they mirror the biases embedded in our culture. We need to address these human biases in order to make better machines.

Lennart Nacke, Department of Communication Arts | Stratford School of Interactive Design & Business

How can we improve the user experience with AI?
People are concerned with making machines more human and user-friendly. But how do we build machines that display feelings just like humans and what are the potential pitfalls? Iterative testing and emotional design are vital to making better AIs.

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